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iam working on team dark vs team light AND THERE WILL BE A LONGER BATTLE SECNE TRUST ME

as i promised i made the movie its posted under judgement and it took a whole much of people to make this LOL and it took 4 days to complete but plz enjoy it SORRY IF ITS A BIT SHORT

Team Dark VS Team Light is here

me and my boy( no homo ) - it's slang for homie-) is making a sprite fight with axel and cloud currently known as team DARK-- VS link and sora currently known as team LIGHT and there will be a lot of moves and intensetiy

game i said canceld

2008-02-20 14:09:48 by ShadowVil

sorry i will not be makeing a game at this momment but i will be making movies YAY but games i will be doing sprite movies and others games will come on the way iam just going to get help from a newgrounder i know that will help with the game sorry folks

trying something diffent

2008-02-20 12:07:44 by ShadowVil

iam going to try something diffent iam going to try to make a game yay well MaxBox 3 is coming soon but probely late cuz i will be making a game ... just wait till in comes threw LOL

MaxBox 2 is now here

2008-02-19 17:41:27 by ShadowVil

it's finally here MaxBox 2 the moment of truth is 1 better then the first NAW two is way better or see for ya self in the fantastic comedy

MaxBox 2 is now here

MaxBox two is coming soon

2008-02-19 14:03:53 by ShadowVil

if you liked seeing the first maxbox then you will continue to see it i am currently working on a MaxBox 2 yay for all there will be better and it will be longer and two new shows are added